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What is the most realistic protection when it comes to the future of de Ligt?




In the midst of all the twists and turns, the most realistic projection for De Ligt is that Juventus wants 80 million euros to let him go, or else he will be made to stay. For that money, you can get a good centre defender and a good midfielder. Unless we can focus on Cambiaso and move Cuadrado to the right, we should consider bringing in a full-back.

In fact, a competent centre back could replace him and it would be a fair trade, because the Dutchman was nothing more than a reliable performer. It would thus be preferable if the deal went through rather than because of the player’s readiness or unwillingness to stay because the project “does not convince him.” The team changes, the project changes, and the choices differ as a result. However, if De Ligt stayed, he would need to be joined by a faster and more dynamic central defender because the timeless Chiellini has appeared as the best of the Juventus defence far too often.

The concern is thus once again money, not to mention the fact that another midfielder is required, considering that Juventus’ weak area in previous years has been the midfield. Rabiot and Arthur are not starters, but they are difficult to rely on. As a result, the sale of De Ligt appears to be mandatory.