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What Italy missing the World Cup means for Juventus




The Azzurri were the best team in Europe last summer when they won EURO 2020 and it seemed they were easily going to make it to the World Cup this year. Unfortunately, North Macedonia had other plans as they beat Italy 1-0 with a stoppage-time winner. Fans of the Azzurri have suffered again after missing out on the 2018 World Cup, making it eight years without going to the World Cup since 2014.

While the defeat is disappointing, there are some benefits for Juventus as the 2022 World Cup will take place next mid-season during November and December this year:

Fitness and InjuriesChiesa could struggle to play on his return if Juventus signs Barcelona man
Even though some players on Juventus will be attending the World Cup, the Italian players will be able to continue with the team and regain any fitness and recover from injuries. Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci, who has been suffering from fitness injuries this season, will have all the time to rest and be able to play next season. The biggest name to mention is Federico Chiesa who is recovering from an ACL tear from the beginning of the year against Roma. Chiesa will have all the time he needs to recover and not have to worry about rushing his recovery for Italy. His full attention will be on Juventus.

Serie A Tournament in the USA during World Cup

Chief Executive Luigi De Siervo of Serie A has stated that they are planning to have a tournament in the United States while the World Cup is going on. What does this mean for Juventus? Money, money, money. The States has a huge fan base for the Italian league, and they would bring in a ton of revenue, not only for the league but for the Old Lady. Juventus had a dream winter transfer market and with this tournament, it would be a good way to have another winter of dream signings with the money from the tournament.


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