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What will happen with Paulo Dybala?




Questions surrounding Paulo Dybala’s contract are a popular discussion lately. We have to ask ourselves is Paulo really the centre of the project like we thought? Max allegri Made it clear that he wanted the Argentinian to be his key man, so what has changed? With The huge signing of Dusan Vlahovic, is Dybala not needed anymore? These are all questions we have to ask ourselves when thinking about this contract situation.

In my personal opinion Paulo Dybala will remain at Juventus and sign a new deal to make him the most paid Juventus player. It just does not make any sense to move a player of his caliber without gaining any money from the transfer. It does not benefit us at all by letting him go, we will then have to go into the summer and once again pay a large amount of money for an attacking player, money being spent that could easily be avoided.


What Paulo offers to Juventus is unmatched without an attacking midfielder or a number 9 available to max allegri, dybala has had to go to extreme lengths in the last 6 months to try and help his old lady succeed. With the lack of results juventus has had this season it is no surprise we have acquired the huge talent of Dusan Vlahovic to try and secure a spot in the top four. With this signing I ask myself why would we then go ahead and not renew our biggest player, when we are already struggling in creating chances something that Dybala does so well

If I was Cherubini or Arrivabene I would look at our attacking options post Dybala. It has been made clear that we will not sign Alvaro Morata in the summer. This is one player who is leaving that has provided us with a decent amount of goals/assist in the last year and a half. With him leaving that’s already weakening our attack. When it comes to Federico chiesa and his devastating injury we have to ask ourselves will he come back the same player. As much as I don’t want to say that we have to take that into consideration. Without Federico, Dybala remains one of the only players in our attack who has the ability to take on a man successfully.

Bernardeschi has had a great start to the season but unfortunately he has become inconsistent once again and has returned to being an option on the bench. Kaio Jorge and Moise Kean have yet to take there chances when trying to break through to the first team. I wouldn’t underestimate Moise Kean’s ability but we have to give him time so pushing him into the first team will not benefit him or us.


Vlahovic will provide us with a breath of fresh air with our attacking options but If we remove Paulo Dybala from this team we really are left with bare minimum options once again. I can’t help but think how devastating the duo of dybala and Vlahovic would be.

Let’s not forget that if we don’t resign paulo in these next couple of weeks. We will have a player who will not only be heart broken but unmotivated. After being so loyal to the club why would paulo try and help us secure top four after the club has gone against him. This will then put pressure on Dusan to be the main man. A young player who will be still trying to transition himself into his new life in Turin. I can’t see the board not only risking our season regarding top four but the protection of our newest and most valuable signing, if he does not perform under the pressure of being the main man that will then send doubts into the fan base and cause unnecessary mental distractions.

I have no doubts in saying that the decision has been made, the board has already decided what they are going to do. For me I think they are smart enough to realise the impact dybala has on our team and results. The media have taken this delay to there advantage to stir the pot and cause drama around the club that is not needed. Paulo Dybala will be remain with juventus I am confident in this.



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