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What’s next for Alvaro Morata?




Alvaro Morata’s future has been a topic of discussion throughout the season with some in favor and others not in keeping him past his loan. The Spanish international is currently on loan with Juventus from Atletico Madrid until the end of the season with a deal in place between the two clubs for a 35-million-euro option to buy the forward at the end of the season.

Morata has underperformed this season compared to last season which is arguably his best season in his career. Under Andrea Pirlo, Morata played as a second striker to Cristiano Ronaldo. For the first half of this season, he was the main striker which does not suit his play style, and needs that pure striker to provide support. With the recent purchase of Dusan Vlahovic, pressure has been lifted off his shoulders. Morata had an incredible performance against Hellas Verona when he was in his preferred role and fans saw the Morata of last season.

After the game, rumors were flying around that Juventus now want to keep the striker but will ask Atletico Madrid for a discount. With his new role under Allegri, it is hard to say exactly how the confidence-based forward will do for the remainder of the season even after his recent performance, so it is too early to say whether he will stay or not.

Morata’s current salary is 6.41 million euros and again, if Juventus decide to activate the buy option, he will cost 35 million euros. For the past two seasons with Juventus, the Spaniard has scored 16 goals and assisted 13 times in 55 appearances. With the new management additions of CEO Maurizio Arrivabene and Sporting Director Federico Cherubini, they have made it their goal to reduce player wages and bring in young talent. If Morata performs the rest of the season the way he did against Verona, the idea of keeping him is not farfetched, but management will certainly want to buy him cheaper and reduce his salary.

Not keeping Morata will allow for a younger player to come into the club with a much lower salary but the situation will certainly be monitored and evaluated by the end of the season. For now, Juventus’ main concern is the next game against Sassuolo in the Coppa Italia.

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