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Who is Enzo Fernandez?




Unless you are a South American reader, Enzo Fernandez is probably not a name you are acquainted with. That might all change this summer, with Juventus, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Manchester City, and Manchester United all interested in signing the River Plate midfielder. Enzo Fernandez had eight goals and six assists in the Copa De Liga Professional and Copa Libertadores since returning from his loan spell with Defensa y Justicia, in addition to impressing with his overall performance to River Plate this season.

Playing Position:-


Fernandez is a versatile midfielder who is most often employed as a deep-lying playmaker, but he also has a knack for getting into the box late and scoring goals. Interceptions and counter-pressing are two of his defensive strengths.

The deal financially:-

Fernandez has sparked interest from a number of big European teams, leading us to assume that luring him to Turin will be difficult. However, according to the most recent information, he has an 18 million release clause in his contract, which is an amount that Juve and other interested teams can easily afford. If Max and the management can persuade Fernandez about our sporting ambition and his involvement in it, the deal becomes quite realistic.

Analysis of the player:-

1) Attacking contribution:- With Fernandez accepting a number eight role for River Plate, It requires him to provide the team with a variety of skills in possession. As mentioned earlier, Fernandez has been in excellent scoring form this season, and he possesses the ability to bring himself into the box and into goal-scoring positions. Fernandez enjoys getting forward and taking shots, which may result in him scoring some spectacular goals, but it can also be wasteful at times. This is something Fernandez has to work on at the next level since squandering the ball so frequently in the final third is inefficient and destructive to the team.

Fernandez possesses outstanding poise and talent in and around the box, allowing him to find teammates and create quality opportunities. Fernandez manages 0.16 assists per 90 against an anticipated assist of 0.11, which is extremely impressive. Key passes per 90 and smart passes per 90 are two further data measures that may be used to assess a player’s creative ability (a key pass is a pass that leads to a goal-scoring opportunity, and a smart pass is a pass that looks to penetrate the defensive line). As seen by the data above, Fernandez’s game has this as one of its strengths, with 0.56 crucial passes per 90 and 1.68 smart passes per 90, both of which are considerably above average.

Fernandez’s ball development is another important component of his offensive play. Fernandez advances the ball up the field using a combination of progressive runs and progressive passes, as seen in the data. Fernandez makes 10.49 progressive passes per 90 and 1.62 progressive runs per 90, making him one of the finest ball progressors.

2) Defensive contribution:- River Plate is noted for its counter-pressing, and Marcelo Gallardo’s club uses it as a major tactical element. When a team loses the ball, they immediately try to reclaim it; this is an amazing part of Fernandez’s game. He averages 8.1 defensive duels per 90 minutes and has a 62 per cent defensive duel win rate. The capacity to not only engage in a large number of duels but also to win these duels is an aspect of Fernandez’s game that will attract suitors.

As a result of River Plate’s counter-pressing, Fernandez is able to retrieve the ball in the opposing half on a frequent basis. This will be welcome news to coaches like Pep Guardiola, who like his side to push high up the field in the hopes of forcing a turnover in the opponents’ half.


Fernandez thrives in possession with a broad range of passes and characteristics, allowing him to be one of Argentina’s most successful players. His ball skills are obvious, and it’s easy to see why Fernandez is so highly rated. Fernandez can also locate space and use it to assist generate opportunities or moving the ball up the field. Fernandez isn’t as good off the ball as he is on it, but his experience with counter-pressing and pressuring the opposition high up the field will help him transfer to comparable tactics in Europe while still having an effect.

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