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Who is Federico Gatti? The newest Juventus center back




In the next few hours, Juventus will announce the signing of Italian center back Federico Gatti for 7.5 million euros. In a lightning operation, the management of Vecchia Signora reached an agreement with Frosinone for the signing of the 23-year-old player. Torino already had an agreement for the player, but in the last hours of the winter window, Juventus overtaken the club’s proposal, in addition to proposing that the player stay at Frosinone on loan until the end of the season.

The incredible story of Gatti

About 5 years ago, Federico’s father lost his job, and needing money to help his family, the young man did not hesitate to drop out of school and got up at 3-4 in the morning to try his hand at a bricklayer. Parallel to this situation, Gatti was invited to attend training sessions at Pavarolo, a modest club in the Piemonte region.


Leading a tired and exhausting life from the exhausting days of work, young Federico decided to follow the path of a football player and never stopped attending football fields. After experiences at Pronotion and Excellence, Verbania’s call arrived. In his first season in series D, the player played a prominent role in the championship. With excellent performances, the player attracted the interest of Pro Patria. And after making great performances in his first experience as a professional, the player grew exponentially and attracted interest from Frosinone, who on 01/07/2021 signed the player.

Player characteristics

• Quality with the ball

Due to his technical quality with the ball. Federico was a midfielder at the beginning of his career, he only became center back due to the solution that the then manager of Pavarolo found to address the defensive problems of the club, which was experiencing an extreme financial crisis.

However, even after changing positions, Gatti kept the main characteristic that a good midfielder should have: quality in the pass. Therefore, the center back stands out a lot as a player with an ability to find long passes behind the opposing defense, which made him often associated with Bonucci for it. To give you an idea, in the current Serie B season, Gatti has a 46% success rate in long passes, a high number for a defender.

Defensive quality

In addition to being often associated with Bonucci, Gatti has a characteristic that is very reminiscent of Giorgio Chiellini: the protection of the box in aerial balls.That’s because, with 6’3″, the Frosinone’s center back has been standing out for winning headers and eliminating possible situations of submission in the box. Looking at the statistics, Gatti has 65% of aerial duels won in Serie B in the current season.

Weak point

In my view, no doubt, federico’s weak spot are his disciplinary problems in the field. In 18 games in the current season, Gatti accumulates 6 yellow and 2 red cards

Mental Aspect

Even having had a history of many difficulties and experiences in lower divisions, the Italian has always shown a good mentality and leadership in the pitch. However, the mental aspect will undoubtedly be his biggest challenge, because this will be his first experience in Serie A, in addition to the natural pressure of playing for a club like Juventus.

But, despite the challenge being not easy, I believe that Federico Gatti is capable of incorporating the club’s mentality and being mentally solid. This is because, in addition to his beautiful history, Gatti will have the support of Bonucci and Chiellini, who will undoubtedly be teachers for the new Bianconero defender, both technically and mentally.




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