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Why every Juventus supporter should make the trip to Allianz Stadium?




With Serie A stadiums expanding capacity and travel opening up around the world I believe it’s time that you look to make a trip to Allianz Stadium. This isn’t going to be a piece about the form of the squad but one that relays my experience of attending a match 2 years ago and why if you haven’t seen a match in person that you make that a reality.

Many Juventini around the world have not traveled for almost 2 years now and as I think about a trip to Italy this upcoming spring, I thought others should look to do the same. Now I know many dream of seeing Juventus on a European night, that’s certainly something I hope to see but regardless of the opponent you should reward yourself and take the trip.


For me the trip and attending a match was 20 years in the making. My friend and I started talking about attending a match back in 1999 and finally made it in April 2019. I was fortunate to attend a Juve v Milan match that Juve ended up winning 2-1 on goals from Dybala and Kean. I have been to many sporting events here in the United States and attended an EPL match previously but nothing compares for me to the passion, energy and hearing the crowd live within the stadium that was on display that day. From Thunderstruck being played when the team comes onto the field to hearing Storia di Un Grande played over the loudspeakers, it just puts a smile on your face that as a supporter is difficult to replicate. That is why I believe any supporter should look to make that pilgrimage. Everyone has his or her match routines but at least once, in your life you should experience it live.

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My experience was so incredible, my friend and I said we would come back every year for a match. I had tickets for Juve v Inter on 3/1/20 but we all know what happened leading up to and after that match. Probably the best part of the entire trip was meeting a Juventini from Belgium who makes the trip multiple times a year. We struck up a friendship and still communicate regularly. Many of us have different opinions on players, tactics, management, the manager and the list goes on, one thing we can all agree on is that Juventus brings us together. After all of our lives have changed over the past 18 plus months, rewarding yourself with a trip will pay off all the love, support and emotion you have displayed for Juve as long as you have been a fan.

So make the plans, reach out to Maurizio Giovanneli [Around Turin – social community and travel agency] to get the full experience and see the best places to go in and around Turin. It will be worth your time and money. If you have already gone previously, what better way to move away from the last few years and go again.

Regardless if you go within the next year or next 20 years, I hope your experience was as or more enjoyable than mine!

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