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With Vlahovic signed, what does the future hold for Paulo Dybala?




The announcement of Dusan Vlahovic signing with Juventus came as a shock too many people. From Juventini around the world to the media who report on the club on a daily basis. Although there were plenty of rumours of the club being interested in signing the player, it was also believed that Juve would make its approach not durning this Mercato, but in the summer when they finally would have all their finances sorted out.

It seems the capital gains increase that was promised to the club came earlier than expected, and all the proper payments were made to the banks that the club was indebted to, which then lead the way for supporters to praise management and be pleasantly surprised by the Vlahovic signing. And speaking of being surprised, although maybe not pleasantly, thats exactly what Paulo Dybala must have been feeling, as for months he’s been trying do get a deal done of his own, but was told to sit and wait for negotiations to begin again in a couple of months, leaving the player and followers of the situations wondering what his future truly has in store.

Does the signing of Vlahovic mean the end for Dybala? It is believed that Juventus would like him to take a deal that would only see him get paid €700.000 more than what he’s currently making, and €1M more than Juventus’s latest signing. It’s believed the club won’t budge, leaving €8M per season, as their final offer. Without a contract yet, this leaves Dybala free to explore other suiters who just might give him the exact money him and his agent are seeking. With three Premier League clubs reported to be interested, Dybala might get just that, but if it’s not much more than what the Bianconeri are offering, then the chances of Dybala signing with another club appear to be slim. And also for Paulo, the thought of playing along side the likes of Vlahovic and Chiesa for the foreseeable future, might make his decision and whether to stay or go a much easier one for him to make.