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Zlatan: We won those Scudetto and nobody can take them away from us

Max Statman



In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Zlatan Ibrahimovic talked about his life, childhood, and life in Juventus.


«No. I believe only in myself. Not even in the after life? No. This is life. When you’re dead, you’re dead. I don’t even know if I want a funeral or a tomb.»



«I was child who has always suffered. As soon as I was born, the nurse made me fall from a meter of height. I suffered all my life. At school I was different: the others were blond with light eyes and thin nose, me dark, brown, with a big nose.

«I spoke differently from them, I moved differently from them. The parents of my teammates petitioned to kick me out of the team. I began to react badly. With isolation. Then I learned to transform suffering, and even hatred, into strength. Gasoline. If I am happy, I play well. But if I am angry, hurt, in pain, I play better. From a stadium who loves me, I take energy. But from a stage that hates me, I take much more.»



«My father suffered a lot from it. Every day news came of the death of a person he knew. He helped refugees. But he tried to keep me safe. He always tried to protect me. When his sister died in Sweden, he didn’t let me go to the morgue.

«However, when my brother Sapko died of leukemia, I was there. And my brother waited for me, he stopped breathing in front of me. We buried him with the Muslim rite. Dad didn’t shed a tear. The next day he went to the cemetery and cried from morning to night. Alone.»


«I didn’t have girls not only because I was shy, but because I was in love with myself. In games I was looking for the circus act, because I had a bigger ego than all the Swedes put together. I changed in Italy. I said to Helena: ‘come on let’s try, come with me to Turin, let’s see if it works.’


«It worked. Capello taught me to watch the goal. And he slaughtered me, all the time. A very tough man. The first day, after the press conference, the celebrations and everything, I enter the locker room, he was reading the Gazzetta dello Sport, and I was excited. I said: ‘Good morning, mister!’. He doesn’t put down the newspaper. I stay there for a quarter of an hour, with the Rosea in my face. Then Capello gets up, closes the Gazzettone, and goes away, without saying a word to me. As if I didn’t exist».


«With me he was the top».



«We won those Scudetto and nobody can take them away from us. Nobody can erase the sweat, the fatigue, the suffering, the injuries, the goals. For this reason, when they say that I have won eleven league titles in my career, I correct them: there are thirteen. Moggi was awe-inspiring, though not me. Like Berlusconi ».


«It is only at the beginning, it is too early to judge. I can tell you that I am very careful about taxes, budgets, money, I pay well for the people who take care of them ».



«We had lost 3-0 to Arsenal, and he was all happy. It is true that we had passed the round, but there was nothing to laugh about, and I pointed it out to him. What did Allegri answer? You Ibra thinks of you, you shit. I replied that he had shit: ‘for fear he had brought two goalkeepers to the bench…’ Allegri is very good at managing the locker room, but he had to have more courage: to go to Real Madrid, compete with foreign countries. Instead, he made the comfortable choice.»


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