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Marcelo Lippi insists Juventus would be happy to take seventh in Serie A as long as they won the Champions League




Marcelo Lippi in an interview with Sky Sport made after the game of Italy vs Switzerland: “For a long time my son and I have been thinking of doing something … Improvising entrepreneurs is not easy, we thought we were doing something in the sports field, this opportunity came up and something really beautiful came out.”

Let’s talk a little about Italy. After yesterday’s draw against Switzerland, the path becomes complicated to qualify for the world cup, but are you confident?

“Yes, of course I am confident. The draw is one of those results that when strong enough teams play with each other- and Switzerland is too strong team – it fits, it must be taken into consideration. It is clear that if you won it was better, the qualification would be easy .But the useful results to solve it are there and this team can achieve these results easily they have the capability to do so . This is a serene and intelligent group, including the coach, they know very well how to find that final result to seal the game”.

As a coach, would you have made Jorginho take the penalty?


“I have decided three times in my career, in situations of great importance, who should take the penalty. Twice it went well, another time it went badly”.

Does this national team have problems in attack?

“No, this national team has no problems. It is one step away from qualifying for the World Cup, it has won the European Championship … does it seem like a team with problems? It is clear that it cannot be 100% in all departments. and in all moments of the season. Then maybe the league will produce another italian player who can solve these attacking problems easily if there are any”.

Could it be Lucca?

“Lucca is a beautiful city … (laughs, ed). Then we are in the province of Lucca …”

Speaking about serie-a. Is it a two-way fight between Milan and Napoli?

“No, no. It is a three-way fight, for sure. Inter will also enter. Milan and Napoli must also take Inter into account.”

And how do you see Juventus?


“I don’t know it, may be that they have made some evaluations that lead the team to give everything in the Champions League. I think if they could achieve for a season to end with seventh place in the league and victory in the Champions League, it can be a great evaluation after all and a perfect end to the season.”

Who can stand out among the young?

“If there is a person who is good at discovering young people that is the coach Roberto Mancini. If there is a good young man, he is assured that Mancini will use him. In serie -a there are 35% of foreigners and 65% of Italians. Now, however, the situation has been reversed. Despite this, there are good young Italians who are taken into consideration. But then when you arrive in the national team the shirt can weigh 7-8 -10 kg, it is clear that this aspect has to be taken into consideration “.

What is your memory of Galeazzi?

“He interviewed great champions but his commentary cannot be forgotten. He was a great character, a different kind of journalist than he is now and I think he will be remembered with great sympathy and affection”.

Who would you give the Ballon d’Or to?


“Despite the mistake from yesterday’s eleven meters I would give it to Jorginho, he has won everything and when one wins everything it is right that he has this recognition. There are great champions who have won little or nothing, then champions who have won everything and must be rewarded “.

You have coached very strong forwards. What do you think of Vlahovic?

“I think he is very good and he is not different. Managing a situation in which he found himself due to the statements of comparison to others is not easy. He is showing great seriousness and attachment to culture, that there is someone who is doing his interests is evident, and as soon as possible it will come out, but he shows great technical quality and great character”.