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Ronaldo’s lawyers demand €19m from Juventus, but contract dispute looms

Max Statman



Cristiano Ronaldo’s legal team has initiated a demand for 19 million euros from Juventus. The request, however, is shrouded in controversy as it pertains to a salary deal that lacks supporting documentation.

The crux of the matter stems from a critical juncture in Ronaldo’s illustrious career. In 2021, amidst much fanfare, the Portuguese superstar made a high-profile transfer from Juventus to Manchester United.


During this transition, Ronaldo reportedly signed a document explicitly stating that he had no outstanding financial claims or dues with Juventus.

This contractual agreement, which was inked at the time of his departure, has now become the focal point of contention. Ronaldo’s lawyers contend that Juventus owes their client a substantial sum of 19 million euros, related to salary payments during COViD-19.


However, the Italian giants are vehemently contesting this claim, citing the 2021 document as evidence that they hold no financial obligations toward the player. This raises questions about the validity of Ronaldo’s demand and whether the lack of supporting documents may undermine his legal position.


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